Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Rating: PG for mild language and discussion of childbirth
Warnings: Diverges from canon some time between v.20 and v.27 of the manga.
Pairing: Ukyou/Mousse
Summary: Ukyou could think of many worse people with whom to be stuck in unknown territory, but that didn't mean that she wanted to be there.
Other Notes: Written for Jaye Random the Shameathon exchange on LiveJournal in response to a request for Ukyou/Mousse treated as a serious pairing. This story fought with me, particularly over Mousse's characterization. I finally had to accept that canon gives him more in the way of a comedy routine than it does characterization. I hope I've not done either character a serious disservice in how I've interpreted them and the liberties I've taken with them. This story takes place in the manga continuity (because I had more time to review that), some time between v.20 and v.26 (I never found a copy of v.27, so I need to split this off before that), and should be considered a diverging universe. I apologize for any canonical details I've unintentionally gotten wrong.
Thanks to Olna Jenn for massive encouragement, hand holding and beta reading. Thanks also to Retsuko and Hope of Dawn for beta reading and to my husband for hand holding, baby sitting and other encouragement.
Last Updated: 3 October 2007

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